Book Group


All events and book groups will be postponed and rescheduled for March – please check back for updates. Thank you!

We hope to learn and grow through getting to know our neighbors, mostly talking about books 🙂 Discussing the same books allows people with different opinions, backgrounds and experiences to have the same common, starting ground. Whoever you are, you are a human and welcome here.

In a world where it is becoming easier to isolate oneself, many of us are searching for community. Each time I meet with this group, I feel lighter and better about humanity. I hope you will join us, knowing t is hard to commit to an event. To show up without knowing anyone. To admit you didn’t read the book, but just needed to sit with some nice people. It’s okay, our humanity unites us. And we hope you take a chance with us.

Important notes

  1. Reading all (or even some) of a book is not a requirement for attending 🙂 Sometimes we all just need community and we encourage you to come anytime!
  2. Nervous about attending? These things might help: speaking is not mandatory, every person that has ever attended has been respectful and kind, new members are encouraged and enjoyed. You are welcome here :

We hope to meet you soon 🙂


Upcoming in Book Group

Nothing scheduled at the moment, check back soon!